Welcome to the 29-day Compassion Challenge!

Welcome to Courage's 29-day Compassion Challenge!

And thank you for joining our growing community!

The course is structured around four thematic weeks: foundations, receiving care, deep self care, and extending care.

Each day you'll receive a guided meditation practice and reflection prompt. An email letting you know that a new lesson is available will be sent to you the evening prior to the practice day. In other words, you'll get notified that practices for Day 1 (February 1st) are available on Day 0 (January 31st). This ensures that you have access to the material as soon as you wake up, regardless of which time zone you live in!

We invite you to spend at least a few minutes per day in formal meditation practice. Meditations are short and can be repeated throughout the day.

There also are a number of bonus teaching videos included throughout the course, as well as links to supplemental readings and podcasts. We hope you enjoy!

We wish you lots of love and insight! Good luck!