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  Practice This Week: Caring Moment Practice

Caring Moment Practice:

A caring moment is a moment you recall when someone was with you in a simple loving way, happy you exist, taking joy in you, or wishing you well. It can be a moment of care, joking, play, laughter, listening, or simple presence. If it makes you happy to recall such a moment, it is suitable to bring to mind for this practice. Try to recall such a moment now from anytime in your life from earliest memory up to today, with someone you loved to be with in that moment, with whom you felt happy, well, safe, loved. It might be a relative, a friend of your parents, a teacher, a camp counselor, a mentor, a friendly stranger, etc. Or it could be a moment with a beloved pet, or a moment in a special place or in nature where you felt deeply OK, well, at home.

Practice with this meditation this week - try to do it every day, if possible, and see what comes up for you. Feel free to comment below with any observations or questions.